Ok, so this is the first one. I toiled to make myself seem crazy, unbeknownst how little effort was needed.
Kindle                            NOOK

You can get a used paperback from Barnes and Noble for $157 or Amazon for like $179 as of January 2018.   Or you can get a brand spanking new copy from me for like ten dollars or some shit.  Granted, the dates printed on the pricey used copies do make them more valuable now and long term, but there are so few copies of this book in existence, buying any copy now is like investing in Bitcoin.  If people were really smart, they’d be buying the other book, because there are only 10 copies of that one in the whole world, it just hasn’t garnered any value since nobody has realized it even exists.

But again, the information is what’s most valuable, and it’s available free online here:

Some music: